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test instruments projects
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BH570A - 10 MHz TCXO frequency standard with digital clock
BH1410 - Variable Gain RF Amplifier
BH3801A - GPS frequency standard 10 MHz
BH4114A - a rf power dummy last 50Ω / 100 Watt, usable over 3000 MHz
BH4534A - low cost 5 ½-digits frequency counter
BH4534B - low cost 9 ½-digits frequency counter up to 135 MHz
BH6516 - high voltage calibrator - a small regulated power supply from 450 Volt to 10 kV
BH9005 - laboratory power supply 5 Volt / max. 4A with adjustable current
BH12810 - microwave prescaler with ratio 1:10 or 1:20 or 1:40
test instruments services
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damaged OCXO Marconi 2022D
various OCXO tests
various VCO tests
Liu Hui analog panel frequency meter SM-72
digital multimeters tests - AC measurement
digital multimeters tests - DC measurement
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Bohemia House UK Ltd , provides full contract electronic design and manufacturing services to OEM's
Computer Asylum , my vintage collection of computers and test instruments
A simple photo galery software created in PHP and MySQL. It contains some photos from my trips.