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high voltage calibrator

High voltage calibrator is a regulated power supply offers output in range from 450V to 10 kV with power 500 mWatt. The output is adjustable with 10-turns precision potentiometer with resolution better than ±1 Volt. The output stability is aprox. 1 Volt.

If the high voltage generator is disconnected from the output connector, the internal 4½ digits LCD voltmeter can display external voltage up to 20 kV which is applied to HV connector.

External power supply is between 17V to 24V DC at current max 150 mA. LCD voltmeter is powered from internal NiMh battery 9V.

Size: 150 x 85 x 200 mm

Adjusting of output voltage is made on primary site of HV generator. The HV generator has linear characteristic in range from 2V to 15V and is adjusted to low limit at 2V and to high limit at 15V. The low limit 2V generates 400V on secondary site of the HV generator.