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Digital multimeters tests
Keithley 2000 - ac measurement
Keithley 2000 Keithley 2000

Keithley 2000 is 6½-digits laboratory multimeter (1999999) with power supply and many functions and features. Tested item has been produced in 2002 and last calibration made in September 2008.

Keithley - tests results Fig. 1 - test results

Results of true RMS values in milivolts of sinus signal from APN-62 Rohde Schwarz generator at various frequences. Additionally to other test instruments were used also signals with level of 2 mV and 5 mV.

Date of tests: 19.July 2009

Keithley 2000 - measured errors Fig. 2 - measured errors

The graph shows errors of measured values dependings frequence. The highest error has 1 mV signal. The tested instrument is usable up to 150 kHz.

Keithley 2000 - measured errors Fig. 3 - measured errors, detail view

This graph is a part of previous graph. The signal 1 mV has been excluded from graph. It shows errors of measured signals from 2 mV to 10 Volts. Ther errors up to 150 kHz are between 0.5% to 1%.