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Digital multimeters tests
Philips PM 2535 - ac measurement
Philips PM 2535 Philips PM 2535

Philips PM 25325 is 6½-digits system multimeter (2999999) with power supply and many functions and features. Tested item has been purchased in year 1990 and last calibration made in April 2006.

Philips PM 2535 - tests results Fig. 1 - test results

Results of true RMS values in miliVolts and Volts (signals above 1V ) of sinus signal from APN-62 Rohde Schwarz generator at various frequences.

Date of tests: 18.July 2009

Philips PM 2535 - measured errors Fig. 2 - measured errors

The graph shows errors of measured values dependings frequence. The tested instrument is usable for signals bove 10 mV up to 50 kHz. For signals above 20 mV up to 120 kHz.

Philips PM 2535 - measured errors Fig. 3 - measured errors, detail view

This graph is a part of previous graph and shows errors of input signal in range from 20 Hz to 100 kHz for signals levels from 10 mV. The instrument has been calibrated at frequences 50 Hz and 20 kHz. Between this range is error about 1%. The instrument is usable up to 50 kHz or more, if higher error is acceptable.